Bargain assimilate Fruit Processing Plant


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    A new address of folio-size sheeters - FS Pro

    The new FS Pro folio-size sheeter from it’s own We creates greater aggregate for your accumulation in the processing of your materials. Able with many sophisticated, functions, which ambit from the mark-free administration of abstracts with acute surfaces to a new affectionate of motor and drive technology for bigger performance, the new address of folio-size sheeters from BOPP blur packing machine.

    We action cogent advantages in allegory to machines and systems already on the market. Basal words in this breadth are contractors accouterment abstracts for shrink, laminated, aliment Packaging, exporters manufacturers and sourcing packaging

    Milk pasteurization machine is mainly used for milk, goat milk, camel milk and other dairy products sterilization, but also can be used in beer, egg, honey, soy milk and other liquid sterilization.

    The main principle is Fruit Juice Production Line of pasteurization, that is, low temperature sterilization, which is not more than 100 ℃ to milk sterilization, pasteurization can keep the bacteria in the bacteria at the same time, exterminate E. coli and other harmful bacteria.