And about the PET Mould in hengxin

  • Constant technological improvement, technological innovation makes hengxin mould the industry leader in PET Preform Mould. By offering the top quality solutions of PET PET Preform Molding to the market, hengxin mould has won high praise from the market. It is because we know how, and we do what should be done.

    From ancient times and the cup's main function is to drink or tea. The Basic-type is almost straight mouth or exposure, Cup rim diameter is nearly equal with height. There are flat, ring foot or pupil.

    With the development of society, the cup material has become diversified. Like: ceramics. Plastics. Bamboo. Stainless steel or something else. With the development of the plastics industry, plastic cups are getting more and more popular with people. And the development of the mold is growing rapidly.

    Mold is a tool of producing the plastic products. It consists of several groups of components parts, this combination including mold cavity. When injection molding, mold will be put on the injection molding machine, Molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity, And cooling setting in the cavity, Then separate the upper and lower mold. Then through the ejection system´╝îto let the goods out from the cavity. Then the last thing is closing the mold and for the next injection. The Entire injection molding process is carried out cycle.

    And about the PET Mould, there are some information.

    1. The material of cup mould cavity and core is using steel P20, and the die is 45 #.

    2. The Normal cup mould ife is not less than 30 million times.

    3. Payment: 50% advance, the balance paid before shipment qualified mold.

    4. Mold price is valid for one month.

    5. Note: This cup mold price is not including tax, not including shipping charges. Tax price we hereby inform marked;