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    There are thousands of China Mould mold maker, most customer has stories with it, some good and some bad. How do get good mold maker in China was, is and will be always the hot words. How do get good mold maker in China? The first is find and second is selecting.

    One of my friend, Tom. He get mail marketing from China girl sales, talking by whatsapp over two month, and send RFQ. He try to give a mold to her company to building. After place a order, there are lots of problem happen days by days: she don't know what is talking about, the mold is not building as drawing, T1 is delay days by days and the molded part is not within tolerance etc. It is bad story...What happen?

    Find China mold makers by Google

    Now google could help you and save you for trouble. As the contact with control by yourself. More and more people use Google for work, how to use Google to find exactly what they expect, such as looking for a Chinese mold maker.

    When you are going to sourcing injection molds, combined with manufacturers sourced from all over the world, you need to get a narrowed list of Chinese mold makers precisely. If you search "mold makers China", you find the first page the links mostly from B2B trade, such as ALIBABA, MADE IN CHINA, there are thousands supplier make you lost your mind, you mail will be filled full every day if you send one RFQ. It is not a good way as you will be trouble after that. Why not go directly to the website of the China mold maker - pet-mould.