James and his team as a means of this familiar knight

  • James and his team as a means of this familiar knight and James friends will not be unfamiliar when the Knight contract Thompson and Smith, James and his team took this approach - if the knight does not renew James Brothers Thompson and Smith's words, may affect James in the future contract knight. The fact is that before James signed the current $ 100 million contract for NBA Live Coins three years, James and Knight signed two contracts of one year's execution, and the Knights had to give Long Thompson and Smith a long-term fat contract.


    Now James also use the same means to force the management of the palace, Knight Knight caught in the current predicament, James and forced the previous imperial court has a great relationship - Smith and Thompson two high-paying low-energy, the Cavaliers to blame the current difficulties. Now these two guys die, James let Knight think of ways to allow Knight management to solve the current dilemma, but who are willing to accept the rubbish contract with Smith and Thompson? If the Cavaliers hit the 2018 Nets draft pick, James and leave, the above has said the consequences.