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Which should be “step by step” pressing

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    December 11, 2017 7:41 PM PST


    The Tricot Interlining acclimated as the lining of the collar for the aback of the garment. It alter of the bolt and attenuate lining to accomplish the collar acceptable elasticity, soft, no anamorphosis afterwards washing.

    Ironing method

    Ironing position should be gradually advance from the average to the bend about the way. Afore that cannot accept the adjustment of sliding, which should be “step by step” pressing. Afterwards ironing, you can move until the bolt and the lining are cooled afore proceeding to the next step.

    Pressing time

    Ironing time usually takes 5 ~ 8 seconds, time is too short, cook cement too backward melt, time too continued can cause hot cook cement to admission or sublimate.

    The bastardize knitted lining is a affectionate of aqueous interlining, some humans alarm it two play or tricot interfacing. It is fabricated of bastardize knitted bolt as basal bolt and coated with cement powder. Generally, bastardize knitting is acclimated to adornment and character insertion, which can accomplish the bolt bendable and flexible.

    Should use beef or not

    If you acquire no aplomb in your own adjustment of adhesion, you can use some edges or pieces to analysis it. If the bonding aftereffect is not strong, it is acquired by too low temperature or too little burden and too abbreviate a time. If the bolt is bubbling, in accession to these reasons, maybe there is a gap if ironing.

    This is a arguable issue. In fact, some adhering lining is easier to attach beneath assertive clamminess conditions, the China Tricot with dotted blanket acclimated beef usually, so does bifold sided aqueous interfacing.