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A bus from Boon Lay Shopping Centre to KL Sentral

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    December 18, 2017 12:58 AM PST


    There are many Express as well as Luxury Buses plying on the route between Boon Lay Shopping  Centre and KL Sentral. Out of all the bus operators some of the most famous ones are First Coach, Aeroline and Grass Land. I booked my tickets from  with Aeroline and the experience was just fantastic. I found the  Bus Operator quite punctual and friendly.  Almost all the Bus Operators depart from Boon Lay Shopping Centre and somehow if you end up reaching your departure point early, make sure to indulge into some window shopping at Boon Lay. Since I am very fond of shopping I made an attempt to deliberately reach the p[ick up point a little earlier and I was pleasantly surprised and happy as I could lay my hands on quite a few amazing things.


    The bus dropped me off at KL Sentral which is the newly inaugurated Express Bus integrated Terminal in Malaysia. Most of the Operators offer direct bus services without any stops cutting the journey duration to about three to three and a half hours. There are also some operators who take breaks of about 20 to 30 minutes but this also increases the journey duration by about 1 to 2 hours. The Express buses are priced a notch higher compared to the normal buses. However, I chose to travel by the normal general bus as I was travelling through the night and the extended duration of the journey wouldn't affect me  as I was fast asleep. 


    My journey from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur was quite fun and the travellers along with me were quite entertaining. It was more like a picnic. The prices of tickets wer quite reasonable starting at SGD30. Compared to taking a flight the journey by Bus is not only cost saving but also quite convenient. Not to forget that KL Sentral is in the vicinity of some of the best hotels of Kuala Lumpur, letting you take a much needed break after your bus journey in one of these luxurious hotels. The seats in Aeroline were quite spacious and comfortable and the operator also offered us on blard meals. The buses were fully equipped with entertainment screens and fast and free wifi connectivity. If you ask me it is still cheaper to travel by an Express Bus instead of taking a flight to Malaysia. The bus fares are quite easy on your pockets and will take you right to the center of the city. The Express bus that I booked had about 3 seats uniformly arranged in a row each equipped with entertainment screens of their own. Not to forget the charging docks provided for connecting your laptops and smart phones. Basically you get an air conditioned bus with free wifi, meal and a power source. Frankly speaking there is nothing more that I would ask for. Owing to these reasons I noticed that most of the people in Singapore choose to travel to Malaysia by Bus.

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