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  • December 14, 2017

    Rainbow Aluminium for Impeccable Metal Coating Services

    If you are looking for a smart way to galvanize your vintage stuffs in order to give them a brand new rejuvenated look, then powder coating services are the harbor of your search. In this regard, Rainbow Aluminium is an unbeatable service provider delivering the best powder coating services, since past few decades. Rainbow Aluminium provides Jotun Powder Coating as its exclusive specialty because this distinct type of finish comes in bronze, silver, red, copper and gold colors. The eminency of antique finish power coating is its rustic look that makes it unique and ideal for various utilities such as entrance doors, vases, gates, fences and garden furniture.

    More than providing anti finish powder coating, Rainbow Coating is also a renowned company for offering sandblasting services in Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah. The sandblasting process is beneficial in reusing the old materials, in case you want to clean them up while using for a long time. Sandblasting process works on numerous surfaces but particularly on steel and iron. Rainbow Aluminium is the oldest among all sandblasting companies in UAE established in 1995 pursue an agenda of providing high quality metal coating services for protecting the various properties from test of times. Reasons why you should prefer Rainbow Aluminium over other metal coating services:

    24/7 continuous service

    Utilizes latest cutting edge tactics

    Use Jotun Paint products for high quality

    More than this, Rainbow Aluminium implies 11th stage high-caliber treatment for absolute finishing as per British Standards. The only dilemma, you are going to deal with Rainbow Aluminium is that it has over 200 colors to pick ranging from high gloss to semi gloss and Matt to textured finish. The company is a process-centered and market-focused terminal delivering and developing novel solutions to its customer. Rainbow Aluminium has been consistently outperforming their counterparts and providing unmatched results to their customers.

    Rainbow Aluminium uses Abcite from AXALTA (Dupont) under Epoxy Powder Coating because it possess excellent performance in humid and hot environment. The company provides sustainable epoxy powder coating which is often a thermoplastic coating applicable on steel items. Rainbow Aluminium boasts as an environment friendly company and that is why it has zinc free salient substitutes, utilizable as good base coat. All these factors make Rainbow Aluminium, the No. 1 powder company in Middle East. With an excellent customer service, the company is wholly reliable for all the export requirements followed by prompt delivery.

    For further to know, visit http://rainbowpowdercoatings.com/